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Jerry Lynds
Jerry LyndsHalifax Real Estate Agent
Specializing in real estate sales within the Halifax Regional Municipality, Jerry Lynds is a likeable guy that prides himself in having oodles of patience and strives to make the buying and selling process a fun and educational one.

Why Hire Jerry?


Firstly, I can be an aggressive agent who relentlessly previews and seeks out properties for buyers in a rush. Or, I can be passive and provide a steady stream of new listings for buyers to digest and indicate to me when and if they choose to explore them. Buyers come in many varieties in terms of knowledge, pace of exploration and personality. I can match your pace and provide invaluable insight into potential re-sale issues or other factors that may affect your enjoyment of a property. Lastly, I will never pressure you to buy a home and each viewing is an opportunity to learn. Let’s make this fun and contact me to start today!


The fact you are on my website is proof enough of my on-line presence and exposure I can provide to your property. The days of print media such as booklets and newspapers are behind us as buyers will start and finish their search on-line. If you live in the Halifax Regional Municipality, chances are I already have a page for your property that is being indexed in internet search engines. If you want buyers to find your home on-line, I am the Halifax real estate agent to make it happen. On-line presence is not everything through! High quality photos and a proper representation of listing details that captivates buyer emotions, along with sound advice from years of experience are keys to your successful sale.

Let’s get Personal. My path to becoming a Halifax Real Estate Agent.

A look at the stepping stones of my life experiences that lead me to my current career as a Halifax real estate agent serving the greater Halifax-Dartmouth areas.

Buying or selling a home is a VERY personal experience. As such, I think it is fair to assume any client who wishes to use me as their REALTOR® has the opportunity to get to know a little more about myself and background on an educational and professional level.

I believe in professional business attire, but, I am a real person who does not wear suits all the time and has a family life outside of work. I am the father to one son who consistently tests my boundaries for patience and love all at the same time. I am an adventurer at heart who loves to tinker with photography, electronics, auto mechanics and computer programming. For the most parts, one could say those hobbies make me a nerd!

I moved to Halifax in 1995 from the Annapolis Valley and earned myself a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce with a major in Computer and Information Systems. The knowledge and skill set I acquired at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax would not be fully utilized for another seven years.

During my period at Saint Mary’s, I started a College Pro Painters franchise to fulfil my entrepreneurial aspirations and finance my education. As my business grew I left the franchise and developed my own painting business operating as a painting contractor under the name of Freshly Painted. I graduated from Saint Mary’s but continued to follow a path of self employment under my painting business, continuing to focus on residential re-painting in both an interior and exterior environment for the next seven years.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of hiring and maintaining employees working in trades will understand the difficulties and frustrations in building a business. My successes as a painting contractor were a result of my pride in delivering the best product and service imaginable at a reasonable price. I have been called a perfectionist who expects nothing but happy customers. Relying on others/staff (I did have some great employees; just not enough) to live up to my standards became a bottleneck for my business and eventually made me look at other career options.

At this time my university degree was old(er). In the computer industry of programming “old” can be only a few short years before a skill set becomes obsolete. I asked myself what do I have to offer? I had a love for technology and IT, and I loved working with houses and people. I had a lot of sales/negotiating experience, conflict/resolution and crawling around houses inside and out had to be applicable in some other business arena. Real Estate! This would prove to be the best of both worlds.

I have been a licensed real estate agent since Feb 2007 and I am convinced this is one of the best industries to be in. Plus, I still get to work with people and houses. I feel my education and past trades experience were stepping stones to my current real estate career. My IT degree has proven itself to be invaluable. Electronic media/marketing and data exchange is crucial in the real estate industry. Understanding how this can be implemented in new and creative ways to allow clients to realize their dreams of home ownership or maximize their sale potential in minimal time is a genuine interest to me. It just so happens I get paid to “play” with these ideas and grow my business at the same time.

I have built in my spare time and I am solely responsible for it’s success and failures. Yes, the public has access to the national real estate website at, but from a web developer point of view, it’s shortcomings are an opportunity for me to “tinker” and provide some great value added features that help me stand out in the on-line rat race. I have a website to be proud of, but having a great website does not make me a great Halifax real estate agent. A great agent is one who has proven that they can represent client interests with the utmost professionalism and brings solid advice gained from experience. Finding or listing homes online is one thing. Being able to successfully negotiate through a transaction and avoid potential legal or other problems is another.

Depending on which side of the real estate transaction you find yourself, I encourage you to explore my sections on selling or buying for more details as to why I am so confident I will make you a happy customer. I deliver what I promise and I never promise something I can’t deliver.

If you want a REALTOR® that has hands on experience, knows the area like the back of his hand, is not afraid of hard work, and will do everything in his power to make your home buying or selling an enjoyable and personal experience, then I truly believe I am the person for the job!


Jerry Lynds